28th of April, 2017

April 29, 2017

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Welcome Back!!

Jeez, sorry for the long absence but I ended up going out to California and stayed with my older brother for a few months but now I am back….

I guess I just needed some time to get my head straight especially after talking with my brother initially about starting my own full service cleaning business. He gave me some great feedback but he also suggested something I did not mention in my last post and that was basically that I come out, be a part and watch him run his pool business.

After a couple of months of the daily grind and working along side my brother, I realized that running a business is difficult and being responsible for so many others is stressful. Therefore, I decided against starting my own business but did not mind staying in Cali a bit longer however, I did not want to continue to work in the pool industry with my brother.

I started to look for a local job and found an entry level position as a tree cutter. At the time, I had basic chainsaw knowledge but the job provided training so I applied and was hired at Coastal Tree. I began my training right away and most of it was on-the-job-training. After a few months, I was laid-off and instead of looking for another job or going to back to work with my brother I ended up going back home to Connecticut.

Once I got back to CT, contacted some of my former employers to see if they had any openings but unfortunately only one was hiring on a temporary; as needed basis. So, I accepted it but I also continued to apply for other jobs and I ended up applying for a few tree service jobs since I had some experience out in California. Fortunately for me, there was a place out in Waterbury that was looking for someone to run a stump grinder machine which I happened to learn how to operate while working for Coastal Tree. I am super excited to start working again…..Spring is in the air and I loved the last year I spent with my brother out in California. I looking forward to this new adventure back in my home state and hopefully this job will be a stable one.

I really hope this position leads to advancement for me. I will be taking a couple of business management classes because I do want to run a business in the near future. Either as an owner or as upper management in a small to medium sized company. Stay tuned as I progress in my new Waterbury tree service job.

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