February 11th, 2016

February 11, 2016

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Wow, I am so excited to be sharing this news with everyone! Yesterday, we decided that we are going to take a road trip to Colorado next month. Isn’t that awesome? I think so! I have never been to Colorado. After this post, I am going to do some more research on Colorado and what are the top things to do there. I know skiing is a popular activity, which I really enjoy doing. If anyone has anything to offer about this upcoming trip I would really appreciate some insight and possibly a hidden treasure only locals might know about. Therefore, a big thank you in advance for sharing!

There is so much to do before I leave, especially to my car. Unfortunately, my car is in need of some interior updating. Many have suggested I get a newer car. I always say, why? My car runs great! And, it has to do with me regularly maintaining my girl by the factory schedule. However, the interior has been through a lot. I am the outdoors type. My upholstery is dirty, stained and torn in a few areas. Is this a reason to buy a newer car? I think not. Therefore, I looked at some possibilities on how to solve my problem. Basically, there are a few things I can do to solve this issue, but one option includes not fixing the ripped upholstery, which I can accept.

The first option, is to have my interior car professionally cleaned, which is the cheapest and easiest method, but it has a drawback. Some of the stains might not come out and the powerful suction might tear my already torn seats even more. But, I went ahead and posted on my Facebook page asking if anyone knew a cheap carpet cleaning service and Stanley steemer seemed to be the popular option.

My next option would be the most expensive approach. Professionally reupholstering the interior of my car. I called a few places but the job was too costly to do right now. Maybe I can save up after my trip and get it done in the near future, but as of now, it out of the question because it is too expensive.

My last option would be a difficult one, but I could manage to reupholster the car myself. Yes, reupholstering your own car seats is possible, and some people have enjoyed this project while improving the looks and use of their car. Seats that are worn out or damaged look awful, and new covers can do wonders for the looks of your car’s interior. Naturally, professionals can do a better job, and this kind of work requires experience to do a real high quality job, but it’s an interesting project for the ambitious. By reupholstering your own car, you can also save a lot of money.

There’s a wide variety of material at a fabric store to choose from. There’s vinyl, cloth, leather and even velvet. There are many colors and patterns to choose from. I did a good amount of research on the topic and watched several videos and this is what I know.

The first thing that’s done is the new seat material is glued to the poly foam and then the muslin is glued to the back.  An aerosol glue works best because it uses the least amount of glue, and too much glue can cause problems with the material and make it difficult to sew. This material ‘sandwich’ then becomes the material from which all the new patterns are cut. Seams are created for the edges of the pleats and all the sewing can be done by machine.

The old seat that has been cut up into pleats becomes the patterns for the new seat material. These patterns are placed on top of the material / poly foam / muslin sandwich and each pattern is cut out. Then all the sections are sewn together and the seams need to be straight and even.

The patterns can be marked out with chalk, or flour can be patted around the edges of the individual patterns with a sponge. You are not limited to the original pattern of pleats and seams of your car seats. You can create a whole new pattern, but it’s best at first to attempt to copy the patterns that are there.

At this point, all that’s left is to pull the seat covers over the ‘seat’ and ‘back’ sections of the seat, tighten the listings, then re-hog ring the covers on the bottom.

The seats must then be re-installed in the vehicle. If you get ambitious, you can even replace the ceiling liner and the insides of the doors, the carpet, and other trim in the interior of the vehicle. There are guidebooks for all of these endeavors. Doing it yourself is an interesting way of renewing or revitalizing your car in the least expensive way. The results can be very impressive.

I will let you know which option I went with after I get back from COLORADO! So, excited!


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