October 5th, 2015

October 6, 2015

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Good Morning,

Today, I am going to talk about a trip I took to England with my friend Peter, his sister (Angela) and her friend (Amber). This trip was planned by Angela and Amber but Maria (Angela and Peter’s mom) would not allow Angela to go unless Peter accompanied her. Now, this is when I come in. Since Peter and I are best friends, he asked me to join him. At first, I was all over the notion of going to England. Then it struck me, I was nervous. I have never flown on an airplane before and I almost told Peter that I changed my mind but this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime, so, I overcame my nerves and stayed true to my commitment.

Initially, Maria wanted to drive us to the airport but she had an early appointment the next day to get her carpets cleaned so Angela and Amber thought it would be cool to take a limousine to JFK instead of looking for another mode of transportation. Peter and I agreed and we pitch in for the limo rental. We all met at Peter’s house. I was excited but still nervous about the upcoming flight. Shortly after I arrived, our driver arrived right on time. We posed for a few pictures before leaving Peter’s house. As we headed to JFK, Amber popped open a bottle of bubbly (complimentary, of course) then each of us said a few words, before we knew it, the driver stated, “we are here”.

Our flight from JFK to Heathrow took about six hours. We hauled a cab outside the airport, and it felt strange to be driving on the opposite side of the road but not scary, like I always imagined it would be. We arrived to our hotel right outside of London, nothing fancy, as we would be out and about for most of our time here. After settling in, Peter and I headed into the city to check out the scene before we meet Angela and Amber for dinner.

We started off in the heart of the city; Trafalgar Square. This place was packed with people so we walked around, checking out the fountains, lion statue, and Nelson’s (huge) column. After that, we went into the National Gallery to look at the artwork on display. Much of the art work on display was from the nineteenth century, however, there were some pieces spanning as far back as the thirteenth century. I am not a big fan of art but I would spend the entire day…impressive!

I will be back tomorrow to continue my story, until then….

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