European Parliament Pushes for Responsible Gambling

European Parliament Pushes for Responsible Gambling

The first Responsible Gambling Day was held this week at the European Parliament, and academics, politicians and industry reps were all on hand to celebrate. The event saw many people coming together that you don’t normally see at the same events.

MEPs, the EU Slovenian Presidency, regulators, etc. were all there to talk about cooperation and how it relates to online gambling. They were there to call on the European Union to “ensure a safer and more secure online gambling environment for consumers.”

Much of the talk of online gambling was for the participants to exchange ideas that they had as it related to responsible online gambling. The Chairman of the European Gaming and Betting Association, or EGBA, said: “No matter how much we do, no matter how many rules we put into place, and no matter how good we are – no solution will be optimal if it is not inclusive and based on the full cooperation and commitment of all stakeholders.”

This was a sentiment echoed by many, where they feel that if they work together and completely as a united front they can ensure success for both the online gambling industry and gambling addiction. They say that they can enter the “national markets” but they have to regulate the industry.

Many of them called for continuation of monopolies within the states. They said that this was the best way to protect their consumers. Others said that it was simply an excuse to continue the monopoly. They said that anything is possible if you examine it from all sides and ensure that everyone has the same protection, no matter what country they are participating in online gambling in.

A recent study has shown that gambling among college students has increased. The Annenberg Public Policy Center in Pennsylvania has found that 40% of college students aged 18-22 are gambling on a monthly basis on Online gambling itself has decreased because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, but live gambling has increased.

One of the reasons that gambling is so prevalent is that student loans and part time jobs just aren’t making the bills. They have expenses, etc. that they need paid for, and they need more money so they turn to gambling in hopes of increasing the amount that they have to spend.

However, online gambling is popular because not only of the convenience of having gambling in your dorm room or apartment, but there are tons of online casinos out there promising tons of money. They have ads on their sites that promise to pay tuition, when really it is just a scam.

These kids end up losing their tuition money and then end up stealing and/or lying to try and win back the money they lost. Instead of simply worrying about grades, they are worrying about gambling debts and how to pay for school instead.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has discovered that college students are three times more likely to have an addition to gambling than an adult does. Many students say it is because they feel like they are just on the verge of winning big – and many of them know someone who has done well at it and so they think they will as well.

Board Games & Card Games : How to Play Bunco

Board Games & Card Games : How to Play Bunco

Hi, my name is Windy, and this is how to play Bunco. Bunco is played in large groups of four, divisible by four. Everyone is separated into tables, four at each table, and the people who are facing each other are considered a team. But at the end of each round, the teams are switched up according to the points that were taken.

So, there are six rounds in a game of Bunco. Round one, you roll the dice, you have three dice, each person has three dice, so the first person on the table rolls their dice and they try to get as many ones as possible because this is round one. For each of the correct number that you roll, you get one point. So this roll here, which is two ones and a six. It would get one two points. If I rolled three of a kind, that would be a twenty one.

Which is the highest score. This is called a Bunco when you roll a three of a kind on the correct round. If you roll three of a kind such as fives, but you’re not on the fifth round, it’s incorrect for the round, you still get five points for any triplet that is correct for the round.

So, it’s very simple. Someone keeps score. And you can keep going. You keep going until you’re not able to score points anymore, such as this roll here, which is not triplets, and it’s not ones. You keep going until you can’t score points anymore, or until you get twenty one either by adding it up or by rolling a Bunco. Then the play passes to the left of the person still in round one, rolls for their ones, and it continues.

When all four people have played, at the head table, who sets the pace for the game, then they go to round two and shout it out, and you should shout out Bunco when you get it because it’s part of the point. Playing the game. So round two, everyone rolls, and they try to get twos, threes, and so forth all the way up to six. That’s one hand of Bunco.

Then everyone compares their score and the people with the highest scores play here. Then people with lower scores go down. Scores are kept by team, which is the person facing you, and individual for how many Buncos that you win.

And they are assigned a point value at the end of the game determined before the game, whoever gets the most points are often given a door prize. The actual point of Bunco is to play a game and socialize a lot. People often gather and dress up in costumes, or have a theme party. Bunco is purely the luck of the dice.

It’s not like Yahtzee, where you get to decide if you’re going to re roll a die or something. So, there’s no skill involved in Bunco. The real point is to get together with your friends. And that’s how to play Bunco.

Casino Payments

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Online casino betting is one way to take pleasure in the thrills and enthusiasm of the game without invests large amounts of cash. By sign up for free slot casino tournament you will be able to vie with other players and skill the fun for a nominal entry fee. In most casinos free engage in recreation of this nature you do not fight with real money when you first start out, but rather use engage in recreation casino money for your games, thus eliminate any stress or force of losing when you first create out. Once you have gained what you think sufficient skill or put into practice, you are free to begin betting with real money if you wish.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Making bluffs

Bluffing is a very important poker skill. Players that never bluff become predicable and will not be able to maximize their winnings. But what is a bluff? It’s when you bet or raise even though your hand isn’t likely to be the best or when you are trying to steal the pot before all the cards are dealt. In a cash game, you will be able calculate whether a bluff will be profitable or not. You simply compare the odds of the bluff being successful to the size of the bet and the size of the pot. Consequently the ability to determine the likelihood that your opponent(s) will fold is a vital skill.

It’s crucial that you consider these factors when deciding whether to bluff or not:
The playing style and class of your opponents.

The number of opponents in the pot.

Your own table image.

Your ability to read the other players.

The look of the board (if any community cards have been dealt) .

The pot size.

Your position at the table.

Type of opponent (style and class):

Weak players will call with almost any hand. Obviously it’s useless to attempt a bluff against such an opponent. The ability to fold a hand is a sign of class – make sure the player you’re trying to bluff is good enough to do so. When it comes to playing styles, tight players are easier to bluff than loose players.

Number of opponents in the pot:

If there are three or more players in the hand you should avoid bluffing, especially in Limit Poker. When you’re facing only one opponent, the pot will usually be smaller and thus less desirable. Under these circumstances bluff is more likely to succeed.

Your ability to read the other players:

The hardest and most important bluffing skill to master is the ability to read your opponents. If you generally make correct assessments about the strength of their hands you will know when it’s a good time to make a bluff.

Your own table image:

It’s difficult to make successful bluffs with a loose table image. If you’ve been caught bluffing recently, the other players will be more likely to call when you try again. However, reverse psychology can sometimes prove beneficial in these situations. For example, if a strong player caught you bluffing and he thinks of you as a good player, he might think you would not dare to try another bluff. If you have a tight table image bluffing will be easier.

The look of the board:

When the board looks like it might have hit your opponents or presents many drawing possibilities, you have to very careful. It’s generally not a good idea to attempt a bluff in these situations. Instead you should look for boards without many draws or cards that are likely to improve the other players’ hands. If you can represent a strong hand, the bluff is more likely to succeed. What you want is an uncoordinated board with one scare card that you can represent.

The pot size:

The other players will be less likely to fold if the pot is big because they get better pot odds. However, if you make a successful bluff in a big pot the reward will obviously be bigger. This is when good judgment comes into play and helps you make correct decisions.

Your position at the table:

When you’re in late position, you will normally have more knowledge about the strength of the other players’ hands. Use this information to decide whether to bluff or not. For example, if it’s checked to you, the board looks favorable and there are few players in the pot, a bluff is likely to succeed.