Circus Circus Tour

So guys we just ventured out and we saw this massive tent looking hotel and we’re like, let’s go look at it. So here we are. – Hey guys. – Hey guys. – I’m Teagan. – I’m Sam.

– And we are the Rybka twins. – The Rybka twins. – Welcome back to squared. – Welcome back to squared.

(calliope music) – Today Sam and I are in Las Vegas. We’re very lucky to be here. We’ve never been to Vegas before so it’s been very exciting. And we are hotel hoping. We are currently standing under the… – Circus Circus hotel. – And there’s lots that you can do here at the Circus Circus hotel for free.

– It’s so amazing once you walk in. There’s lot of kids fun and games and apparently there’s shows as well. So let’s go check it out. – Before we get on with the video, be sure to subscribe.

– If you haven’t already. – Give it a big thumbs up. – If you like it.

– If you like it. – We’re about to watch a circus show for free, a little mini act starting at 3:30. – [Announcer] The Flying Poemas. (audience cheering and clapping) – [Woman] One, two, three, whoo! (audience clapping) – [Teagan] Here we have sideshow alley.

Sam and I are gonna play some games. Hopefully win big. There’s so much to do here, it’s pretty cool. Minions now, minions!

They’re like the size of us. – Massive, imagine trying to stuff that in your luggage. Just gotta get my minion in.

– [Teagan] Sam, want to go on the merry-go-round? Oh wait, it’s a diner. – Emoji pillows.

– [Teagan] Look at those monkeys. – [Sam] There’s Macca’s too. There’s Macca’s everywhere.

– [Teagan] Golden arches are here again. – They’re huge squeak toys. So yeah, this is really cool because there’s a casino on the bottom for the adults. And this is for the kids.

– [Teagan] We’re gonna play kids today. – [Sam] Yeah, we’re gonna be kids, ’cause that’s the fun. – [Teagan] This looks good. Bust any balloon wins.

– Whoo, my type of game. There’s this guy again, he’s everywhere. What’s going on here?

Something exciting. All right, that’s a camel. Okay, racing camels. Ah, they look so funny. Oh my God, smurfs.

I want to win a smurf. Let’s try the smurf game. Oh look, they go backwards too. (chipmunk laughing) – All right how much?

Oh, a bargain. If I win, we’ll get the smurf. – Warm the arm up. See that one ’cause it’s got an S and a T. (laughing) (buzzing) – I have the yellow one. (calliope music) – [Announcer] Just keep rolling, don’t stop. – I got a red one.

– Ooh, we got 13 players, all right. Aim for those reds. Kid on the outside.

15 all alone in front, here comes two, four, eight, six, seven, up down the middle. Number four! Four is a winner! – We have never done this before so let’s do it, we’re in Vegas. – Beginner’s luck. – Yep we’re gonna try and get a Mario or a Luigi.

(upbeat music) (dramatic orchestral music) (buzzing) (dramatic orchestral music) (buzzing) This game is rigged (laughing). – So guys, that brings us to the end of the video. We hope you guys enjoyed it.

– Comment down below if you have ever won from that game with the claw to pick up the toy. ‘Cause we didn’t. – To see yesterday’s video on Squared click here.

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