European Parliament Pushes for Responsible Gambling

The first Responsible Gambling Day was held this week at the European Parliament, and academics, politicians and industry reps were all on hand to celebrate. The event saw many people coming together that you don’t normally see at the same events.

MEPs, the EU Slovenian Presidency, regulators, etc. were all there to talk about cooperation and how it relates to online gambling. They were there to call on the European Union to “ensure a safer and more secure online gambling environment for consumers.”

Much of the talk of online gambling was for the participants to exchange ideas that they had as it related to responsible online gambling. The Chairman of the European Gaming and Betting Association, or EGBA, said: “No matter how much we do, no matter how many rules we put into place, and no matter how good we are – no solution will be optimal if it is not inclusive and based on the full cooperation and commitment of all stakeholders.”

This was a sentiment echoed by many, where they feel that if they work together and completely as a united front they can ensure success for both the online gambling industry and gambling addiction. They say that they can enter the “national markets” but they have to regulate the industry.

Many of them called for continuation of monopolies within the states. They said that this was the best way to protect their consumers. Others said that it was simply an excuse to continue the monopoly. They said that anything is possible if you examine it from all sides and ensure that everyone has the same protection, no matter what country they are participating in online gambling in.

A recent study has shown that gambling among college students has increased. The Annenberg Public Policy Center in Pennsylvania has found that 40% of college students aged 18-22 are gambling on a monthly basis on Online gambling itself has decreased because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, but live gambling has increased.

One of the reasons that gambling is so prevalent is that student loans and part time jobs just aren’t making the bills. They have expenses, etc. that they need paid for, and they need more money so they turn to gambling in hopes of increasing the amount that they have to spend.

However, online gambling is popular because not only of the convenience of having gambling in your dorm room or apartment, but there are tons of online casinos out there promising tons of money. They have ads on their sites that promise to pay tuition, when really it is just a scam.

These kids end up losing their tuition money and then end up stealing and/or lying to try and win back the money they lost. Instead of simply worrying about grades, they are worrying about gambling debts and how to pay for school instead.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has discovered that college students are three times more likely to have an addition to gambling than an adult does. Many students say it is because they feel like they are just on the verge of winning big – and many of them know someone who has done well at it and so they think they will as well.