How to Help Your Teenager Stop Gambling

When it comes to your teenager you already know the answer to this question.  You don’t have to think twice. You know the truth but are you willing to face it?  A large part of your recent life has been centered around this situation and now you realized it’s time to make a change.  Some of you may have noticed how your teenager has schemed and plotted to find ways to feed their addictions.  You may have even spent every waking moment searching to find a way to help your teenager stop gambling. You are at the right place.  Through this manual you will start to understand what your teenager is going through and how to help them recover from this addiction.   An addict is an individual whose life is dependent and restricted by their aspiration to continue following the same behavior patterns.  We are people who exhibit behavior patterns that if continued will get progressively worse.  The end result can include jail, institutions, illness, poverty, and death. Only a gambler has the ability to decide if they are addicted to gambling, but you can play an active role in helping them to reach this conclusion.  This manual was designed with you in mind.   There is no humiliation in facing up to the fact that your teenager has a problem!  What is important is that you decided to do something about it.

A majority of teenage gamblers have experienced one or more of the following:

  • Having a hard time sleeping
  • Running late for school
  • Increased hours work to pay gambling debts and or gamble some more
  • Having a hard time focusing at school
  • A drop in their school grades
  • Unable to get gambling off their mind
  • Didn’t tell people where they were going
  • Kept their gambling a secret from loved ones and friends
  • Picking a fight with you in order to get out of a commitment, so they could go  gamble or escape into the fantasy world
  • A decrease in appetite
  • Feeling good so they wanted to gamble
  • Feeling bad so they wanted to gamble
  • Time stands still for them until they gamble again

There are so many changes in a teenager’s personality that parents and friends will assume it’s just growing pains. Teenagers always leave small clues for you to pick up on. For example: You ask your teenager to pick up a few items at the convenient store. They ask you for money but you tell them that you will give it to them when they get back. Your teenager persists and you end up giving them the money.  In this situation, the teenager was paid the day before from their job but their money is already gone.  Continually seeing your teenager broke with no money and no new assets (clothes, games, computer supplies, etc.) should set off some mental alarm. They may be dating someone, spending money on friends, drinking, drugs and/or gambling.