Using estimated position in queue

So when you’re actively trading on bear fare, one of the things that is important to understand is that you open a trade. Do you close a trade that can happen in a number of different ways, but when you are working very, very tight at the front of the book, which is what we’re doing in the background here, when, typically when you’re scalping and it’s very important to understand what The author queue is and how that could impact your trading and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video. Please like and comment on the video below that will allow me to produce better quality videos and more of them in the future. So if you look at the ladder here, you’ll see, we’ve got an extra column on the right-hand side here, and the idea behind this extra column is the estimated position in queue. So to show you in essence how this works. You can see.

There’S a thousand pound here, if I add it an order for a thousand pound over on citadel casinos. Can you see this is telling us where it thinks we are roughly in the queue? And if I put one over on this side, you can see it says we’re behind 16,000 we’re behind 690.

That was a slow moving market. So it’s quite nice to be able to demonstrate this on here. 476. So we’re almost at the Front’s. The key were about to get matched there’s 12,000 pound here, but you can see we’re only 300 pound away from 200 and there we go.

Can you see how I got there? This is live. This is a real account. This has actively got money in it.

So you can see what’s going on there now we actually have were behind 15,000 pound on this side, so we really need a lot of money to get matched in order to get the order filled on the other side. So we can complete our trade, but you can see there’s 11,000 on this side, 15,000 on that side and we’re in the queue at around 14,000. So the we don’t call it a queue of position in queue.

We call it an estimated position in queue, because the idea is that it’s, the software is looking at all of the aspects of the market. How stuff is matching what’s going on, where it even takes into account cross matching, and then it gives you a clue as to where you are within that particular order queue, and the reason that you do that is take a look at this particular order. For example, I’ve got the order filled at 178. I need to get my order filled once seven, not they here and as if by magic. It’S almost like, I made that up, but it’s this is. This is live.

You know I’m just doing this for demonstration purposes and there you go. You can see I’ve done a trade for you, but can you see how it’s working? It’S basically telling us you know to get our trade through the market. We have to put two trades into the market, we put one on one side: we waited for that to get match, you see, loads of money, arrive on top of it and then we get managed and then we can see how close we are to getting the Other order matched that, on the other side of the book, to complete the order now, as it turned out, somebody came in and just slugged a load of money through. So our older went straight through usually it’ll, be a slightly finer line in terms of how you’re managing your position there.

But of course it works differently in slightly different markets in there football’s quite slow, wrestling’s very fast, but you can hopefully get an idea from that. Quick demonstration as to roughly how the estimated position in queue works. It gives you a clue as to how close you are to getting matched on that particular trade. So if you want to find the estimated position in queue column on the ladder, it’s really simple to do. If you’re on your ladder display – and it looks something like this – then go to the ladder settings, you must be using version 151 and or higher to have this feature.

Click on the ladder settings editor. You will see a number of tabs on there, the one that you want is column, so typically it defaults to here. You want to click on columns and then at the bottom of that list you will see estimated position in queue. So if you tick that the column will appear on the right hand, side if you want to reorder the columns and put it in a different place, it’s perfectly possible to do that using the display order, feature of the ladder settings editor. So anyway, it’s pretty simple to bring it up. Go to the settings, go to columns, select that particular column, and if you want to change some aspects of it in terms of moving it around or putting it in a different position, you can do so using the display order capability within the ladder settings editor.